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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a note?

You can create a new note by pulling down on the note list or a note. A new note will reveal itself from behind either one of those views.

How do I delete a note?

When viewing the notes list, you can delete a note by swiping a note to the left or right. You will see the note begin to fade and tilt out of view.

When viewing a single note, you can delete a note by doing a two-finger swipe from the left or right. You will see the note begin to break apart as you move your fingers across the screen. While deleting, you can reverse the gesture to bring the note back together.

How do I restore a recently deleted note?

When viewing the notes list or a single note, you can restore a recently deleted note by shaking your device. Your deleted note should animate back in.

How do I exit edit mode?

To exit edit mode and dismiss the keyboard, swipe down on the top edge of the keyboard.

How do I access note options and settings?

To access note options and settings, tap the ellipsis icon (…) in the upper-right of a note.

In the options menu you can change note colors, share a note, copy note content to clipboard, toggle status bar visibility and more.

How do I see all my notes?

You can view a list of your notes from a single note view by performing a vertical pinch gesture. This will bring in all your other notes into a vertically stacked list.

You can also browse your notes by swiping left or right while viewing a single note. This will cycle through your notes and allows for "peeking" at a previous or next note.

Can I replay the walkthrough?

Yes. When viewing a note, tap the ellipsis icon (…) to reveal the options menu. Tap on About and then tap on Replay Walkthrough.

When replaying the walkthrough, temporary notes will be added. When you complete the walkthrough your original notes will return.

Is there a way to sync notes?

Not yet. This is a priority feature for us, but we're initially focusing on getting the experience polished before addressing other major features.

Is there an iPad version of Noted?

Not yet. We're initially focusing on the iPhone and iPod Touch to get the experience just right before we think about experiences for other screen sizes.

How can I access note themes?

Note themes change the colors of notes and text in Noted. They're available as an in-app purchase in the Settings area of the options menu.

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List View

Tap note to view it

Swipe a note to delete it

Shake device to restore a deleted note

Pull down to create a new note

Note View

Swipe between notes

Pull down to create a note

Tap ellipsis in note view for options

Two-finger swipe on a note to delete

Shake device to restore a deleted note

Pinch to see all notes

Tap note to edit it

Swipe keyboard down to dismiss

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